@Rusty-Allison GoThru does support VR, but only via our native application called GoThru Navigator. This application available for Meta Quest 1 and 2 and on iOS and Android


From what I know you can just stare longer in VR at the navigation and it will act as a click, therefor not needing to use the click button of the Google Cardboard. But there is a few issues.

I think the hotspots don't work very well with the current application (last build from 2021), I think the YT videos don't play.

We are currently working on a new app that will have better support that the previous version, and we are expecting this new app to be available in the Pay and App store in a month from now (Oct 2022).

Regarding not downloading additional apps ... GoThru does not support WebVR since our focus was on delivering a premium experience via a native application, which will have to be installed on the customer device.